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Legs & Plyometrics

This isn’t a scaled back limited preview, this is a full on 50+ minute workout that utilizes only a pair of dumbbells and a mat. Plus, it will kick your butt! 

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Brianna has figured out the remote class formula! Her classes are every bit as challenging, thorough, instructive, and entertaining as I want and need. The presentation is the best quality I’ve experienced for a virtual workout - I feel accountable and push myself like we're in person, ending each class with lots of sweat and a big smile on my face.

Scotty C.

I absolutely LOVE Bri's workout classes. It's hard to find an instructor who works you hard, hits every part of your body and makes it so fun in the meantime! Bri accomplishes all of that. The time flies by and I am ALWAYS in a better mood after- not to mention my muscles really feel it the next day and I'm sweating the whole way through. You can tell she is incredibly thoughtful about the circuits she chooses for each class. Thank you Bri for making working out fun and challenging at the same time!

Rachael K.

Bri’s class is challenging and fun. I find myself smiling during burpees because of how authentic and upbeat she is. I like the attention to detail that she provides, and the format of these classes really stands out! There is nothing like watching her do the exercises on the recorded video and having her yell at you (nicely) in real time! I look forward to this class every week.

Julia F.

We are unstoppable when we work together, so why not work together on our fitness goals?

Brianna michelle

Fitness Trainer & FOUNDER


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